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Home Product Reviews Cauvery Herbal Sandal Face Pack Review

Cauvery Herbal Sandal Face Pack Review

I got this face pack from Mysore. As we all know that Mysore is very famous for its pure sandalwood products and silk….I got few skin care products from there along with some Incense Sticks and dhoop.

What it Claims?

A pure herbal product which can be used on both oily & dry skin. It keeps the skin soft & sparking, removes blemishes, impurities & acne. Can be used as body pack also for glowing skin.


150 INR (Quantity not mentioned on the pack but it says 50 gms free ).

Usage Directions:




My Experience:

The product come in a transparent plastic tub with creamish screw top lid. It’s in the form of a thick paste.The shop lady lady told me that it’s a pure sandalwood paste with no other ingredients added. I mix it with milk or rose water and apply a thick layer on my face. It instantly gives a glow to my skin making it feel very fresh. When I was regularly using it my skin was soft and glowing but I stopped in between using this being lazy and now hooked on to Forest Essentials Tejasvi Milk facial Ubtan. Still I have decided to keep coming back to this every now and then. I can’t comment about acnes and blemishes as I don’t suffer with them.


  • Completely natural.
  • Helps in improving skin tone.
  • Refreshes skin, making it smooth and soft.
  • Regular use keeps skin problem free.


For me nothing…I love this face pack.

Final Verdict:

A good product for everyday skin care regime.

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64 Comments  comments 

64 Responses

  1. Bambi

    good information, cool site style, stick to the great work

  2. rohit

    wer do u get dis in mumbai

  3. A.Suresh

    Pls advise availablity adress and phone no in banglore or mysore

    • Hi Suresh sorry for late reply…I don’t have any phone number. i got it from Mysore Palace. You can find these products anywhere in Mysore. Hope this helps.

  4. Swati

    Pls help me to get this facepack again……pls send me phone no or add…

  5. Hi Swati, I don’t have any phone number. I bought it at Mysore palace exit..or else you can finds it anywhere in Mysore where they sell skin care products. Hope this helps Big Smile

  6. anvesh

    how can i get it in hyd

  7. anvesh

    hi shrilata, how much it costs in hyderabad.

  8. Shaili

    this one sounds promising
    i am searching a natural sandalwood powder/face pack sine ages but never got one Frown
    do let me know if you come across any info about this product being sold in Delhi

  9. anvesh

    i got the face pack in powder form
    can i get it in paste form like in banglore

  10. anvesh

    i got it in powder form in hyd
    can i get it in paste form in hyd in the address u mentioned

  11. anvesh

    hi srilatha, I’ve been to mentioned address but didn’t find any paste from there. can you send me some address where i can find paste form, don’t mind one question did you had a paste form from Hyderabad before?

    • Hi Anvesh, no didn’t buy this from hyderabad beforw. I need to finish my pack bought from Mysore. my friend had visited the place once before and she got that in paste form Will call them and let you know the details.. by tuesday Smile

      • Anvesh I called them and they told me that whatever we get in Cauvery outlet of Mysore all those they have stocked up. To be precise the person was bit confused with sandalwood cream and face pack. When i went there couple of months before they were having this facepack which I didn’t buy as I was already having one. You can go there and buy. Hope this helps Smile

  12. Mukesh Shukla

    Hello, I got this product from Mysore. I am in Ahmedabad. I found this product very effective. Is it possible for u to send me this product through courier? I am ready to pay the necessary charges. My contact # 09426510101.

  13. abhi


    Could you please tell me whether this face pack is available in chennai.

  14. i came to india in 2008and i brought sandal face pack. but still i dont know the expairy date.can you pls tell me

  15. moni

    where from i can get this in delhi???

  16. Anna

    Hey Smile
    I’m from Germany and my Mom brought this face-pack from India this March. I soon fell in love with it as it is the only thing that really helped me and my skin Grin … the things you can buy here in Germany are a bit…crappy and full of artificial chemistry rubbish, sorry for this slang expression. Does anybody know where I can order this face-pack, which website delivers to Germany? ‘Cause I’m running low and would like to have some more Cute
    You can also write me an email: gertrude.muellerxD@web.de
    (I’m not looking for some contact or something weird like that, if you had thought so Shock !! I’d just like to have this face-pack again Wink )

  17. Dear Sir/Madam
    i have need the cauvery sandal faceback immediately.
    thanking you

  18. @Waseema & Usha:visited the Cauvery Herbal place here in Hyderabad & currently they are out of stock with this face pack. I have dropped my number with them. Will get in touch with you guys once it is back in stock. I

  19. Shifa

    Hello ma’m,

    cn u tell me where at cochin , can i get theis product???

  20. lochani sridhar

    can anyone say me d add or contact no. how come they dont have customer care number?

  21. plz tell me where can i get this product in delhi????plz plz plz let me know?????

  22. sara

    hey i bought this product from ooty..i love it..is it possible to buy it online?

  23. riya

    Hi, even i am using this sandal face pack it’s very nice gives a cool & refreshing look totally in love with this pack..Smile

  24. Yashwant

    You can find this product in Hyderabad exhibition of 100 Rs near main gate

  25. sini

    can anbody inform me… where this is available in hyderabad…. its urgent..

  26. vinay

    hey shrilatha, i asked about cauvery sandalwood paste facepack, but it’s not there. If you are staying at mysore, could you send me that product. I’ll pay you money. my email id is pvinay2531@gmail.com.. Thankyou

  27. Hari

    Is this face pack available online???
    I need it…

  28. hi shrilata, i want this face pack too for my aunt. would u please tell me adderess to buy this pack . give me adderess of either Udaipur or any city of Rajasthan.Give me price of this too.

  29. Pallavi

    Please help looking for Cauvery Sandal ( a Call Me’s quality product). It’s a sandalwood cream. Brought it from Mysore. Can’t find it online or Canada. If anyone knows the place & buy for me. I will pay sending cost & price. Suffering badly with acne. It’s the only cream control acne. Thank you. Please

  30. Crystal Olinda

    hi Shrilata Smile ,
    where it is available at Mumbai

  31. @Pallavi & Crystal: they have outlets in selected cities only precisely located in South of India.

  32. chimi

    is there any online mode to buy this??????? plzzzzz…. help me… Frown

  33. kanta

    I would like to order this sandal face pack.how do i order them?

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