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Dark Armpits? Causes & Remedies

Love to wear those sexy sleeveless tops or tube tops ? Everbody likes to flaunt their stylish clothes, toned arms but dark armpits are common problem which restricts many from wearing their favorite dress or tops. Especially in summers this is major concern when we prefer to wear sleeveless on a regular basis.

Causes of Dark Armpits:

  • Some people have genetically dark armpits for which nothing much can be done. It’s better to consult a doctor to get rid of dark armpits in this case.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           image
  • Regular shaving of underarms also causes dark armpits as shaver doesn’t remove hair follicles from their roots. The in growth hair is still there which results in dark armpits.
  • Use of alcohol based deodrants on a regular basis also a major cause for this. These deo’s causes irritation to the delicate skin.
  • Obesity is also a cause for this problem. It might cause friction of the skin in underarms resulting in dark armpits.
  • Use hair removal creams. These creams contains harmful chemicals which are unfriendly for the skin.
  • Tight clothing., due to which skin get irritated during friction resulting in dark armpits.
  • Improper hygiene leads to accumulation of dead skin cells causing dark armpits.

Remedies for Dark Armpits:

  • First & foremost maintain proper hygiene of your body. You can scrub your armpits with a pumic stone on a daily basis to get rid of the accumulated dirt and dead skin.
  • Opt for waxing rather than shaving as waxing removes hair roots resulting in clean and smooth skin. Shaving doesn’t remove hair roots which make armpits looks darker. If you are more comfortable with shaving change your blade every 2-3 shaves. Never ever ty ry to use a gents razor for armpits.
  • Wear skin friendly garments like cottons which allows skin to breath rather than synthetic ones which causes irritation to the skin. Also don’t wear very tight clothes.
  • Instead of commercial deodrants try using natural remedies given below:
  1. Rub a piece of lemon on your armpits. Leave it for 15-20 mins and wash off. Or you can also use this as a deo. Alum can also be used as a deo.
  2. There is no apecial whitening cream or pack to lighten your armpits. You can try all your skin lightening homemade remedies for this problem like turmeric+ gramflour+lime juice. Apply this mixture in your armpits and wash after15-20 mins.
  3. You can also use saffron+milk.
  4. Lime juice+cucumber juice+turmeric powder.
  5. Rub raw potato slices in your armpits for15-20 mins and then wash it.

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