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Home Product Reviews Ponds Age Miracle Overnight Repair Dream Night Cream Review

Ponds Age Miracle Overnight Repair Dream Night Cream Review

I have been using this since two weeks and can notice the difference in my skin. I have never tried a night cream before this but used daily moisturizers as a substitute. So after being satisfied with Ponds Age Miracle range products I decided to go for their night cream also and here comes my views on this…..

What it Claims?


Rs 299/- for 50ml.


How to Use?

My Experience with Ponds Age Miracle Overnight Repair Cream:

Packaging: Comes in a petal shaped translucent glass jar with red colored screw top cap.

Color & Texture: Very light pink in colored with whipped cream like texture. Or you can say very similar to softy ice cream. Both Day & Night creams in Age Miracle range looks similar. But the consistency of the cream is a bit thick which gets easily absorbed into the skin.

Fragrance: Has mild fruity fragrance.

Effectiveness on Skin: Here I don’t want to comment about its effects on signs of ageing like wrinkles, dark spots etc as I don’t have any. But as a night cream it definitely gave very good results for my skin. I wake up with soft & radiant skin every morning. Radiant not in the sense of fair complexion but it gives healthy natural glow to your skin. This cream has nothing to do with improving complexion.

It moisturizes my skin well making it smooth & supple. Skin looks more fresh & health.

It helps in improving skin texture & elasticity. It gets easily absorbed in skin without making it feel heavier or greasy.


  • Makes skin soft & supple.
  • Moisturizes skin making it radiant & healthy.
  • Improves texture & elasticity of skin.
  • Attractive packaging.
  • Doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on skin.
  • Doesn’t dry out skin.
  • Does not contain parabens.
  • Decently priced as compared to other high end anti ageing brands.


I don’t have any negative remarks for this one except that the jar becomes messy after some applications. I would prefer tube packaging in this.

Final Verdict:

I am very satisfied with this cream, moisturizes and makes your skin look visibly radiant. Would be suitable for oily skin also I suppose as it gets absorbed instantly without any greasiness.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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76 Responses

  1. I love this night cream and have used it…it’s really good. thanks for sharing Grin

  2. I use the himalaya night cream…dats nice too..


    Is it suitable for super dry skin? Beauty does it last a month the 50ml jar?


    Thanx Shrilata .My only concern was the dryness part as i have xtrmely dry skin .I shall definitely try it out.


    Does the day cream also cost the same n does it also hydrate the skin for a longer duration?If i use the nyt cream do i have to use a moisturiser in the day or will the hydration effect last thruout n since it is antiageing should i stop using it after a certain interval?Will it b effective during winter since my skin becomes paper dry in winter wat do u suggest since u also have dry skin?

    • I have been using both Day as well as night cream from this range since 1 1/2 month and very comfortable. For winters I usually go with Biotique Wheatgerm cream since its heavy & very moisturizing. And also yo don’t need to use a moisturizer with ponds one. I apply night cream after applying toner. And for day cream I apply on bare skin. You may have to reapply it after 5-6 hours if working in an Ac environment otherwise your skin will be fine till eve once you apply it in morning.


    Thanx for the helpful output. Will let u know after i start using it .


    Also read ur review of wheat germ cream bt do u think it can b used in harsh winter months like in north india?


    U seem to prefer biotique products a lot .Also read ur morning nectar review.Have u tried the lakme nyt cream or lotus nutranite?Which do u think would b better ponds or biotique.I have used the lakme night cream n found it to b ok .Have never used biotique products though .


    Have u used coconut milk cream n the youth saffron dew cream ?How would u rate them?which do u think is the best—coconut milk cream,,,or saffron youth dew cream or morning nectar or wheat germ cream?

    • I have heard good reviews on Coconut Milk cream in terms of skin tone improvement…not sure for moisturization. If you are looking for intensive moisturization I would suggest you wheat Germ cream. Morning Nectar is also good but not sufficient for extreme winters as you have in North India. You can also use Vaseline Total Moisture on your body. It is also good for extreme cold.


    Hi again! Have u used the tinted moisturiser from age miracle?Heard it was quite moisturising.


    Age miracle is not super hydrating so………if i use any hydrating cream along with the age miracle night cream will that b ok ,,,,,,i was wondering……..wat do u suggest try out the combination


    Hi shrilata
    i bought the night cream today bt the price has increased to 349 for 50ml .Anyways by rose water do u mean dabur gulabari rose water?Can i use without rose water coz i wanna start today itself n dont have rose water at home?

    • I use rose water as toner you can use it without rose water also….you can use gulabri or patanjali or fab India’s rose water. I personally like Dabar Gulabri.Damn his inflation…they are hiking rates whenever they wantFrown


    Also enquired abt the coconut milk bt the sales girl said it wont suit my dry skin so didnt get it…………

    • Okay, I was not sure about the coconut milk Smile, and also i don’t trust sale girls much as most them have incomplete knowledge about the products..so usually google about the product before buying Smile


    Thanx a million Shrilata for guiding me ,,,,yes damn the inflation m scared to use expensive products coz i have a habit of using very generous amount of the product on my dry skin n products gets over in no time thats why i never used ponds n olay .Lets see how long the jar lasts…….

    • You are always welcome Indrani…you just need a pea size or a bit more for single application of this cream.. also I would suggest you to check urbantouch.com which offers many brands for skin care products on discounted price. Cash on delivery & free shipping & you get your product within 7 days of ordering..

  15. indrani

    Today i got the rose water nd m gonna use the cream like u do since my skin type is similar to urs…….U can try aromamagic almond nourishing lotion during the day it has got a yummyyyyy fragrance its hydrating nt greasy at all n purely herbal………..

  16. indrani

    Have been using the night cream bt wanted to ask u do u also get a powder matte finish after applying its like u have applied talcum powder ??If i use any oil with it since the finish is so dry ,,will it reduce the effect of the cream??

    • Indrani you need to blend it properly in your skin..massage it for me it get gets instantly soaked up being a dry skin but doesn’t give that matte look its a bit dewey for me. Yes you can use it with 1-2 drops of Olive or Almond Oil preferably Almond oil. Will give extra nourishment to your skin.

  17. indrani

    Thanxxxxx lot for the suggestions.I MASSAGE IT A LOT bt still i get the whitish matte effect ,noe i wll massage with the beautiful skin oil that i have at home.its from aroma magic , i think then the cream will dissolve. Do u go off to sleep immediately after applying it or wait for 10-15 mins?

  18. indrani

    Hi! Shrilata
    I have been using the ponds age miracle night cream after washing my face with aroma magic lavender face wash then toning with gulabari toner.My question is that I m experiencing breakouts on my face so during the day have stopped using a moisturizer.Can I use the night cream during day time to moisturize my face since its not at all greasy or should I use the day cream?Does retinol cause breakouts?

    • Night creams are generally heavy Indrani…you can try Pond’s age miracle day cream or try using Aloe Vera gel during day time. Green leaf is one brand which is easily available in health & glow. Just apply it over rose water during day time and reapply whenever required. I never experience break outs so not sure about the breakouts due to Retinol Frown

  19. indrani

    Thanx again for the advice. The night cream is growing on me m loving it more as days go by .Had told u that i have a habit of applying more and that was the reason i was getting a whitish cast but i also get a dewy look if i apply during the day.Can i use aloe vera gel on my skin in winter also or do i have to mix it with almond oil.Is the gel hydrating enough for dry sin?Maybe the breakouts were due to curd coz i apply curd directly on my skin after coming home if i am out in the sun for long .I apply curd and then wash it with water after a few mins.Is the correct way of applying curd or do i need to mix it with anything else?

    • oooooopppppppppssssssssssss! so many questions Shock ok jus kidding Smile. Well aloe vera gel alone is not sufficient for dry skin but I prefer to reapply it again and again if required rather than mixing it with any other ingredient. Even curd I don’t mix it with any other ingredient. I have never applied it immediately after coming from outdoors but that should be the reason for breakouts. Curd contains lactic acid so it may be causing breakouts. o check out. Smile

  20. indrani

    Thanx shri for the patience with which u answer all my queries…..i appreciate that actually its true u know i have not followed any specific routine i just randomly use n experiment wat suits my skin .Anyways happy durga puja to u it starts here from today n will continue till 6th october .The atmosphere becomes electric during the 6 days

    • Hey no need to thank me I am here to solve your probs and share mine Grin . Happy Navratris to you too…do take care of yourself &need less to say your precious skin Smile

  21. indrani

    Hi shrilata
    Hope u had a nice navratri. Have a question for u .I was reading somewhere about the benefits of baby oil n wanted to ask u whether i can use it directly on my face as moisturizer or can i mix with the ponds age miracle cream and apply. Do u think it will b better than almond oil cozi have to search for a patanjali centre for the oil coz their almond oil is pure whereas baby oil is easily available.

    • I find almond oil better than baby oil for my skin. If you want apply baby or almond oil mixed with your cream but make sure you are not allergic or it doesn’t break you out. Generally I don’t experiment with mixing ingredients with night creams as they are heavy and complex chemical composition. If you want you can directly apply baby or almond oil on your face at night or mix them in your facepack in winters. It will give you a rocking smooth & moisturized skin.

  22. indrani

    Wanted to also ask u whether aloe vera gel can b used in winter since winter is approaching ,,and it has to b used directly or has to b used along with almond oil

    • Aloe vera gel won’t be sufficient for your dry skin in winters and I won’t recommend you to mix almond oil with anything. Use as it is and it will take care of your skin. Go for FAb India Sweet almond Oil or Roghan Badam Shirin Smile

  23. indrani

    Thanks.Almond oil should be applied directly on the skin n left overnite ?How many times should it b done in a week n if i m applying almond oil no night cream needs to b applied in winters right?Roghan badam shrin is from dabur ?

  24. indrani

    Thankssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalot.


    Cry Hi shrilata
    m having a little breakout which the ponds cream is taking care of in the night but wanna apply aloe gel during day time n have also heard it lightens pigmentation marks which i have developed in my left cheeks in the last few days but the problem is we dont have health n glow stores over here so dunno wat brand to get Frown
    thanx before hand for providing such precious solutions to my problems .Dunno wats wrong with my skin its dry sometimes it breaks out sometimes n few days back i noticed the uneven skin color on the left side which i had never seen before.Its thanks to ur ponds miracle atleast the breakouts r drying fast Cry

    • Hi Indrani which moisturizer you are using at day time? Do try for Patanjali aloe vera gel if possible or else get a aloe vera plant & take out the gel. That will be the best possible thing to do. Also try mint face pack if possible. Will mail you the packs even it will help lighten pigmentation and soothes skin Smile..

  26. indrani

    Hi good afternoon shrilata
    m nt using anything specific right now after having the break outs m scared to use anything but bought the ponds day cream coz i think retinol helps in fighting pimples and as for the gel i know patanjali is gud but then availability is an issue.Had thought of using almond oil bt cant use it now Frown Do u think applying curd is causing the problem i mean how can dry skin cause breakouts ??

  27. indrani

    Wanted to let u know that i applied the night cream on the breakouts at nyt n viola! its dried up the next morning.I want to know whether after curd application do i need to use a face wash to clean my face or can i apply the ponds cream after washing my face with curd ??Can i add lemon juice to the curd?

    • Hey thats good………..yes I prefer to use a facewash when I apply curd Smile, I don’t know how your skin will react but my skin became dark after using ponds crean so discontinued… I won’t recommend lemon juice to you now coz skin may react to lemon juice so don’t use lets wait for sometime and ya sorry for late reply got guests at home so couldn’t find time to read this Frown

  28. indrani

    Thanx .Thats revealation that using the cream makes the skin darker,maybe due to retonol coz i have read that special care should b taken if a retinol cream is used coz it causes tanning as skin becomes sensitive to sunlight .What cream r u using now?The cream had grown on me it had reduced my pores dried my zits n was not greasy but provided just the right amount of hydration n i know i will nt get a cream in 350 bucks n olay is expensive bt going by ur experience i should also discontinue using the cream Confused Confused

    • Smile Indrani I was taking about regular pond’s cream and not the age miracle one. I thought for day time you are asking about the regular ponds. Age Miracle have suited my skin well and didn’t gave any darkness to my skin. I am sorry for thr confusion here. Don’t worry it won’t cause any harm to your skin if it has suited to till date after you started using it .

  29. indrani

    Guests at home so didnt see ur updates on the website .I was wondering whether u were out of india or u were not well………

  30. indrani

    THANK GOD!!!!! Smile I m so relieved have fallen in love with cream dont want to discontinue it at all thanx to U have got my HG cream……Loving the day cream 2 i think its a little more moisturising than the nyt one but these 2 creams i cannot use in december jan n feb Cry Were u talking about the ponds cold cream ???i have used in winters nothing gr8 bt no other options bt this time m planning to use roghan badam shirin at nite

  31. indrani

    Wow lucky u staying in hyderabad ,winters r nt so cold bt i also want to continue with the day cream can i add a few drops of oil n use it in winters i stay in kolkata n winter is not that chilly but the weather becomes very dry .

  32. indrani


  33. indrani

    Hi shrilata
    Gud afternoon .Today i got the nutragena sunblock since its high time i use a sunscreen wanted to ask u that if i use a cream or moisturiser along with it what should b applied first the sunblock or the cream?I m having a lot of breakouts n they r leaving a lot of scars what should i do? Cry

    • I always apply sunblock first and them my regular TM. But I would suggest you to not to use it now and go to a derma first as its hightime that your breakouts are not healing

  34. Taylor

    I’m using it for over the past years, I have no regrets. It makes me comfortable every time I have my menstruation, No worries for pimples. I feel beautiful and my chicks turn into pink. And I love it much. Still young and fresh.

  35. dolly

    hey , i m 26 year old , sud i use this Ponds Age miracle night cream or not .
    From which age we can start using of this night cream .
    I m very much confuse, kindly suggest me .

    Dolly Frown Big Frown Cry

  36. sarath subramanya

    Thanks for providing all the information about age miracle. i would like to know whether men can use this cream or not.


    I like this web blog very much, Its a very nice post to read and receive information.

  38. Shibani

    Where could I get the ponds age miracle night cream in Delhi.

  39. meow

    will it be effective on 45 years old skin ?

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