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Home Online Shopping MedPlus Beauty: Unprofessional & Unethical Customer Care!

MedPlus Beauty: Unprofessional & Unethical Customer Care!

Since about a year back when we heard about Urban Touch, a revolution for makeup addicts which bought some unreachable brands like OPI & NYX within our reach just in a mouse click. It was then & it is now, we never turned back, with more & more e-commerce competitors joining the band & blessing us with enormous brands which atleast I couldn’t think of.

Nothing relives better than a good customer care support of these sites where we spend loads of bucks for expensive or less expensive stuff (money is hard earned at EOD). With the convenience of button click shopping accompanies the hassles of delayed deliveries, damaged products, wrong products & the list goes on. But you really do feel good & positive when the customer support acknowledges your query properly & get it resolved efficiently.

Unfortunately my worse online shopping experience has been with this very well-known e- commerce site which is known for the versatility of brands it offers to the consumers. MEdplus Beauty is not a new name for us. Ok will break down the story in days.

To start with let me tell you that since day 1 I had delivery issues with them. Reason? Well they have hired local delivery boys for deliveries within Hyderabad (where they are based out of). So whenever I place an order (usually on COD to be on safer side as they don’t get a boxed packaging locally & get the products bubbled wrapped in a paper bag) I get a call from them confirming me twice everytime that I’ll get my product on the very same day (here I double check with them & they assure me of same day delivery). So I leave my office & work just to pick my stuff on time (Outside couriers are not allowed at my work place). But the Boy calls me everytime saying he won’t be coming & will give me product the next day whenever possible Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It’s been the same since my very first order from the site & everytime I complain all I get is tons of sorry’s & no repetition promises.


I just stopped complaining after 3-4 orders  on the delivery issues & never turned back home even after their so called guaranteed delivery promises . The last order I placed with them was a test of my patience with their unprofessional & unethical customer support. They hardly want to talk to you when you complain & keep the phone down promising to give you a call back which has never happened till date!

On 9th I place order for a Chambor Lipstick. (Again I was given an assurance of same day delivery & it didn’t happened. Well that was not new for me. )

On 10 th evening around 6:45 I get my product which I found to be damaged. I gave them a call. This female again promised me for a replacement on 11th.

11th: No call nothing from their end. I called them & again this female promised me replacement by evening. Same day I was told that my product is already out for delivery. Nothing done the same day. So I called them around 7:30 in the evening & asked them to cancel my order & refund the amount.

12th: I again called. This time some other female picks the call & tells me that they really can’t replace item so soon. It’s a process which cannot be taken care of in a single day. However she said she will get in touch with the department & get back to me. She never did that.

A guy calls me in the afternoon saying that my order is not dispatched because of bad weather. Gosh I was pulling my hair as what to with these people. A day before I was told that my product is on my way & the next day that it is still not dispatched. I banged the phone asking him to cancel the order.

13th: I was going out of station. Yet no response from Medplus beauty. Now this delivery boy calls me for delivering the product. I told him to take the damaged piece & give my money back. So he kept the phone down & never turned back. Finally I called up their Marketing Manager & narrated the whole case for which he promised me look after it & since I was leaving the same evening , he assured my refund by 16th.

I waited for a call from Medplus from 16th to 20th & finally called up the manager again on 20th.  He was not aware that refund is still pending. And with some great efforts I got my refund on 20th April.


In this whole drama all I got was tons & tons of apologies which I already had with them before, no call backs or proper acknowledgement of the issue from the Customer Care. They hardly want to listen to you & bang the phone by saying sorry & assuring you of getting back with a solution which they never do. I literally felt that they sit with free sorry’s in their pockets to distribute to the customers or Medplus don’t pay for the return complaint calls they have to make to customers! Giving false information, no coordination with delivery boys & among themselves is how their customer care works.

I will never ever recommend this kind of pathetic customer care to anybody. Filling a site with reputed brands is not enough, your customer care forms the base for your sale & site reputation & Medplus Beauty has to learn this!



How was your experience with Medplus Beauty? Do let me know in comments section

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15 Responses

  1. I only shopped once from them and swore off never to do it again…these guys are horrible…they asked me to go down to their local address to pick up my stuff..and I was like WTH, they are supposed to deliver…

  2. shinjini

    never knew they gave such poor service. i shopped from urban touch and they were pretty good. this is one site i will avoid further

  3. I have shopped from UT which I absolutely loved and have shopped once from medplus and didn’t really face any issues but have recently heard quite a lot of comments on the site’s service….this is pretty pathetic.

    • They have been very casual & irresponsible towards my complaints everytime & the last time it was like a torture to get my refund back. No I am never logging into that site again!

  4. indrani

    Sad to know u had such a kind of experience with the site Shri

  5. Goda

    MedPlus certainly drove me crazy and on three different occasions. I dont know why I went back to them after the first two times, but will never shop from them again. And note: I have only bought from them 4 times. So one went without much drama.

    1). Sent my courier to a different city (BECAUSE apparently the courier company didn’t have a branch in mine! Umm, so send it through another courier provider, not to another city!!)
    2). After 2 weeks of trying to track my order they say they have shipped it and I just have to wait. The moment I ask for refund, I am immediately refunded. And I haven’t received the package after 3 months. This means they never shipped it. What were they asking me to wait for? Christmas?
    3). I receive the wrong products (imagine my horror when I open a box expecting eyeliners and find condoms instead, in my office! – NIGHTMARE, and very red ears and cheeks!) I am still waiting for my package to arrive after returning the wrong order. Apparently it was supposed to have reached my yesterday but wont, given their reputation of time keeping, until Friday (I HOPE!).

    Unless you have ample amount of time and a lot of credit in your phone and you enjoy yelling at random strangers on the phone, do not waste your time with MedPlus. It simply gives you high BP and a lot of frustration.

  6. oh my god! I had no clue about their service. this has been a real eye opener!

  7. Medplus is the Worst site I have ever seen. I ordered for the products..Nothing turned out and also no response on the 3 emails I sent to them asking for the update. IF someone has Medplus manager’s number, kinldy share with me..IT is ridiculous shopping with medplus. Neither product nor the amount is refunded aand it almost a month gone.

  8. I too had a terrible experience with medplus! Its been 3months n i hvnt got my refund ! Wont shop with them ever again nor will i reccommend it to anyone !!

  9. I ordered a whole lot of products on MedPlus. A man called me the next day informing me that one of them was not in stock. I asked him to cancel it then. Then he asks me to order something more so my total value qualifies for free shipping or else I’d have to pay Rs.30. So I ordered a substitute. I wait and wait and wait and the delivery man knocks my door suddenly one afternoon without any prior notice and I was lucky to have some cash as I don’t usually keep much at home. And later that night, I get a msg informing me that my package has been sent out for shipping to my address….Oh yes it has! Stupid people.

  10. shivani

    Pissed Off I too am going through a bad experience with medplus. I am sick n tired of calling them and spending money on calls with no result . can you please email me the number of the manager.

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