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Sparkles Unlimited First Anniversary Giveaway in Association with Slassy.com! (Teaser)

Published on June 1, 2012 by in Giveaways, More

Hey All,

This is really a proud & very exciting moment for me when my blog has completed a year. As Ashok from Slassy said “the first year is always a big milestone” I truly agree. Still remember the tension, the anticipation I was going through after getting this domain name for  setting up the themes & widgets & ofcourse the sleepless nights to set this baby! Today I feel proud where it stands & want to thank each & everyone for the unconditional love & support.

So, it’s a celebration time & here’s what I got for you guys: A Giveaway & this time with two winners! The giveaway is open Internationally.

So without keeping any further suspense let me tell you what you have for winning:

Ist Winner

Will get a Dior Makeup Pallete with 6 Eyeshadows, A Dior Extase Mascara, Dior Skin Natural Glow Sculpting Powder, 4 Dior Addict Lipgloss & Two dual ended & a sponge applicators. Woo!

2nd Winner

This prize is open for Indian Residents only!

A 2000 INR gift voucher from Slassy.com.


This is a teaser of the giveaway. The actual giveaway starts from 6th of June & ends on 1st July.


You have a chance to win 4 extra entries before the giveaway starts. You only have to register with slassy.com & subscribe to sparkles unlimited through feedburner to earn these extra entries before 5th June midnight. After that registration & subscription won’t fetch you any additional points. Slassy registration is required by Indian Residents Only & Sparkles Unlimited registration is mandatory for International & Indian Residents both.

The names & e mail ID’s will be thoroughly verified before adding the points.

For Registering with Slassy: Go to slassy.com. On the top right you will see the link login/register. Click register & fill in your details for registration.

For Subscription with Sparkles Unlimited: On the right side bar you can see the box saying “subscribe & stay updated”. Enter your email ID in the box & hit subscribe. The link will direct you to a small window where fill in the required details. You will get a link in your subscribed email account , click the link to make the subscription active. Only active subscription will be counted.

You cab leave a comment in the comment box in the following sequence:

Slassy Registration email & name:

Sparkles Subscription email & name:

In case of any doubts email me at shrilata@sparklesunlimited.net or leave a message in comment section below.


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38 Comments  comments 

38 Responses

  1. wow. thanks for the giveaway, Shrilata Smile I would love to win the second prize Smile

    Slassy Registration email & name: perfectskincareforyou [at] gmail [dot] com – Swati

    Sparkles Subscription email & name: perfectskincareforyou [at] gmail [dot] com – Swati

  2. Slassy Registration email & name: simplyshalini@gmail.com , Shalini Srivastava

    Sparkles Subscription email & name:simplyshalini@gmail.com , Shalini Srivastava

  3. Congrats hun! Grin and *high five* on the coincidental blogoversary on same day Grin

    I know what you mean as I used to spend so many hours setting up and designing my blog too Smile

    So a very happy birthday to our blogs…and waiting for the giveaway to start.
    I guess I have already done both the entries Wink

  4. Megha

    Congrats Shri Cake Awesome giveaway!!!
    Slassy Registration email & name: smartmegha_811@yahoo.co.in & Megha Saraf

    Sparkles Subscription email & name: smartmegha_811@yahoo.co.in & Megha Saraf

  5. Sreema D

    Slassy Registration email & name: smilingcheeks@gmail.com & Sreema Deveryshetty
    Sparkles Subscription email & name: smilingcheeks@gmail.com & Sreema Deveryshetty

  6. shinjini

    WOW!!!!!!!! congratulation!!
    Slassy Registration email & name: shinjini.ghatak@yahoo.in & shinjini ghatak

    Sparkles Subscription email & name: shinjini.ghatak@yahoo.in & shinjini ghatak

    me super excited!!!!! Grin Dance Dance

  7. Registered on both already..Name: Bhumika Thakkar id: bhumika_thakkar@yahoo.co.uk

    Congrats Shri Big Smile

  8. dharani

    hey congrats one this memorable occasion
    already registered on slassy and here with same id

    good day

  9. Slassy Registration email & name: beautyandmakeupstudio@gmail.com, – Jyotsna Y P

    Sparkles Subscription email & name: beautyandmakeupstudio@gmail.com, – Jyotsna Y P

    Congrats Shrilata!!! Smile Smile

  10. congrats fr the 1 year annivrsry.

    slassy- zanzanin@yahoo.co.in
    subscribing as zanzanin@yahoo.co.in

  11. Happy blog anniversary and a wonderful giveaway shrilata Smile

    Done both Smile

    Name – Rekha

    Email – rekha.sriramagiri@gmail.com

  12. Hi..
    Congrats ur blog turned 1!!!!
    Slassy Registration email & name: shourimaghosh@gmail.com, shourima ghosh

    Sparkles Subscription email & name:shourimaghosh@gmail.com, shourima ghosh

  13. smita singh

    happy blog anniversary..U must be feeling so happy for the hardwork done by u whole year…lots of love Shy Cute Big Smile

    email ID and name for both slassy and sparklesunlimited:-


    smita singh

  14. Thanks Shourima & Smita. It really feels good.

  15. Dhara

    Congrats on the anniversary…must be feeling so proud !! What awesome giveaway you are doing !!!

    Slassy reg n name : crackpots86@yahoo.com – Dhara Singh

    Blog sub : crackpots86@yahoo.com – Dhara.


  16. Shruti

    Firstly Congrats and a Very Happy Birthday to your Blog for it’s 1 year completion Smile
    The Giveaway is superb.
    Slassy Registration email and name : ucantc.shruti@gmail.com, Shruti Kamboj
    Sparkels Subscription email and name : ucantc.shruti@gmail.com, Shruti Kamboj

  17. swati

    congrats shri for d 1st anniversary of ur sparkling blog nd wish u celebrate silver6 n golden5 jubliee too. slassy registerd id n name : swati_23_bks@yahoo.com,swati kumari. s sparklesunlimited subscribed email id n name : swati_23_bks@yahoo.com, swati kumari. very excited

  18. Hi Shrilata, I’ve registered on both with the name Nisha Singh, email: nisha2710@gmail.com
    Thanks for the giveaway! Grin And congrats on the 1st anniversary!

  19. Ray

    Hi….congrats & awesome giveaway.
    My feedburner id: eerieray@gmail.com
    Slassy registration: kklrechoo@gmail.com – Reshma GK

  20. Thanks Ray & Nisha. hope to see you guys joining main giveaway soon.

  21. Jess

    Heyy Congratulations for the 1st anniversary ..way to go Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Cake

    Sparkles Subscription email : jessisweet23@gmail.com

  22. Congrats Shrilata Smile Smile . . .i hope i win Smile Smile

    Slassy registration : healthybeamy@gmail.com, Rashmi Singh
    Blog subscription : healthybeamy@gmail.com

  23. nids

    hi .. already had an A/c wid slassy n now subscribed to your email updates.. email id for both is the same : nids.gautam@gmail.com

  24. Bidisha Banerjee

    Slassy Registration email & name: bidishabanerjee@live.com & Bidisha Banerjee

    Sparkles Subscription email & name: bidishabanerjee@live.com & Bidisha Banerjee

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